Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your New Home!

Posted by blogger // November 18, 2018

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your New Home

It’s that time of year again when family gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving. Leaves have fallen. The air is chilly. The stores are decorated for Christmas, ha! Your family is talking on Facebook about where to meet, what to eat, and who gets to make the food. This year, you have your new house. You have […]

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How to Paint Your Home Like an Interior Designer

Posted by blogger // October 18, 2018

interior designer tricks for painting

Almost everyone in America has been to a Lowes or Home Depot and seen the racks of paint chips, paint cans, brushes, rollers, sprayers, tape, drop clothes, ACK! It’s a lot to take in. But before you can deal with all the supplies, tips, and tricks on painting, you have to figure out what colors […]

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Top Five Reasons to Buy a House

Posted by blogger // September 10, 2018

buy a house

You see a lot in the news today about millennials not buying homes, either choosing to rent apartments or simply not being able to afford a house. Arguments ensue from all sides. However, setting aside those issues, what are some general reasons for buying a house? Great way to save money! When you rent, you […]

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Fast and Easy Tips for Cleaning Your House!

Posted by blogger // August 19, 2018

clean your house

Cleaning your house can be a struggle. Even everyday things can back up if you don’t keep up with them. We all want to live in a clean house, but you don’t find a lot of people who love to clean.  If you are preparing to sell you house, it can be even more of […]

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Fall Landscaping and Yard Maintenance

Posted by blogger // August 3, 2018

Fall landscaping includes raking leaves

To everything there is a season, and with Fall quickly approaching, it is time to take care of your fall landscaping! During the brutal heat of Summer, in most parts of the country, homeowners focus on keeping things alive without spending a fortune on water. They mow their grass. They clear out dead plants. But […]

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Home Maintenance Schedule for Homeowners

Posted by blogger // July 30, 2018

follow a regular home maintenance schedule

You have a maintenance schedule for your car. Every 5,000 miles, you get the oil changed. At 10,000 miles, you have the air filter changed. You get your tires rotated. During the life of the car, you change fuel filters, transmission filters, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, etc. It makes sense, since you want […]

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How Can I Catch Up on My Mortgage Payments Part 4?

Posted by blogger // July 21, 2018

cannot afford your mortgage

Your application for mortgage assistance was rejected! You figured out a budget. You cut expenses. You renegotiated all your payments. But you still can’t make your mortgage payment. So, you asked the bank for help, and they rejected your request. When this happens, it typically is because an applicant has too many expenses and not […]

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How Can I Catch Up on My Mortgage Payments, Part 3

Posted by blogger // July 9, 2018

behind on your mortgage payment

Not enough money! So you’ve worked through your budget. You cut expenses. You can track all your money coming in and going out.  All your bills are on the perfect schedule. But you still don’t have enough money to pay your mortgage. This is all too common today. With adjustable rate mortgages, a mortgage payment […]

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How Can I Catch Up on My Mortgage Payments Part 2?

Posted by blogger // July 2, 2018

how to balance your expenses and still eat!

A little more about your basic budget Last week, we reviewed creating your basic budget. One key question we got was around when to start it, especially because rent or mortgage payments are due on the first of the month. It is better to begin your budget at the beginning of the month, so you […]

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How Can I Catch Up on My Mortgage Payments?

Posted by blogger // June 18, 2018

create a budget

Why are you behind on your payments? First, you’ll want to figure out why you are behind on your payments. Did you forget a payment or two, so now you have to catch up? Did you budget incorrectly, so you didn’t save enough money to make your payment? Did you lose your job? Did your […]

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