What is a Home Inspection?

Posted by blogger // June 12, 2018

explaining the home inspection

A home inspection is a standard review of the condition of a house during the selling process. The inspector looks at the roof for damage, wear, leaks, and age. They look at siding and foundations for noticeable issues like cracks, dry rot, termite damage, and water damage. Note that in some cases, a separate termite […]

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It’s a Seller’s Market!

Posted by blogger // June 4, 2018

seller's market time to sell your home

The data is out for 2018, and Spring is definitely a seller’s market! Homes on the market are pretty scarce across the country, so that small supply means prices are going up! Wait! What is a Seller’s Market? Okay, this might be a little confusing for some, so let’s back up. A seller’s market simply […]

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Selling Your Home – Curb Appeal!

Posted by blogger // May 23, 2018

add to your curb appeal by planting flowers

What is curb appeal? Curb appeal is the immediate appearance of your home when someone pulls up in front of the house. Even if you don’t have a curb, it’s still called curb appeal. It encompasses that first impression of your home. Curb appeal can be positive or negative. Someone might say, “That house has […]

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What is home flipping?

Posted by blogger // May 14, 2018

home flipping

Flipping a home A home flipper buys a house that needs some repairs at a price that is lower than the market value of the house. They then fix up the house and sell it for a profit. The repairs can be simple updates to the interior, like paint and new fixtures, or they can […]

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I Inherited a House!

Posted by blogger // May 7, 2018

inherited a house

What do I do next? Inheriting a house almost always starts with bad news: someone you love has died. Most of the time this happens, it means your parents have passed away, so you’re sad and maybe in a state of shock. And now you have a house to deal with. This also means you’ll […]

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Time to Downsize!

Posted by blogger // April 30, 2018

Downsize your house, downsize your life

What does downsizing mean? Downsizing used to be a label only applied to empty nesters who were entering retirement. With the kids gone, they didn’t need such a large house anymore, so they moved into condos or retirement villages. Now, younger people are realizing they don’t need 4000 square foot homes. So, they are selling […]

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Inexpensive Ways to Fix Your House to Sell!

Posted by blogger // April 20, 2018

Inexpensive ways to fix your house

Don’t make it a money pit! You want to sell your house, but you don’t want to put a lot of money into it. That’s a problem many home sellers have faced. Maybe you’ve already put money into it, and it feels like a money pit. You might just want to get out but don’t […]

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Fix Your Credit Score!

Posted by blogger // April 12, 2018

fix my credit

No credit or bad credit? If you have no credit, you need to build credit history. That means you have to start using credit from a lender. It sounds more daunting then it is! If you have bad credit, and you are behind in payments, have accounts in collections, and continually miss payments, first you […]

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Understanding Your Credit Score

Posted by blogger // April 5, 2018

What is a credit score

What is a credit score? You have probably heard commercials talk about your credit score, but what is it? Does it really mean anything? Your credit score is a three digit number that tells lenders how risky is will be to loan money to you. The risk they are taking is whether you will pay […]

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Advantages of selling your home to a cash buyer

Posted by blogger // March 28, 2018

sell your house to SOS Property Solutions

What is a typical home sale? When you sell your home to a cash buyer, you are skipping the typical process of listing your home with a realtor. If you own a home, you are probably familiar with using a realtor to buy a house. To sell it, you have to find a listing agent. […]

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