Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your New Home!

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your New Home!

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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your New HomeIt’s that time of year again when family gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving. Leaves have fallen. The air is chilly. The stores are decorated for Christmas, ha! Your family is talking on Facebook about where to meet, what to eat, and who gets to make the food. This year, you have your new house. You have a big kitchen, space to spread out, and even an extra bedroom! So, maybe this year is the year for celebrating Thanksgiving in your new home!

First things first. Let your family know. Next, get your guest list and plan for any overnight guests. That will mean fresh bed linens and setting up the guest bathroom with towels, soap, shampoo, and some Autumn decorations. Check out hobby stores for cute fall leaves and candles. They are always on sale!

Your local family can always bring side dishes, so you may want to solicit their help if you don’t want to manage the entire meal by yourself.  However, if you want to make the entire meal, don’t overlook how easy grocery stores are making things for shoppers. Buy a cooked, spiral cut ham. You just heat it in the oven. Many stores prepare turkeys for you. You can get them baked and ready to heat. You can also get brined turkeys that are ready for baking. Many restaurants offer smoked or fried turkeys that are an amazing addition to your table.

If you opt for baking your own turkey, make you life easier by getting sides at the prepared section at the grocery store or restaurants. Look for dishes like cranberry salad, potato salad, creamed spinach, and mashed potatoes. You can always make your own green bean casserole and whipped sweet potatoes. With part of the food done, you’ll be able to balance out time in the kitchen with visiting with family. Turkeys take a couple hours. Several other things can be made ahead of time. You only need to bake them when the turkey is resting after baking.

The only thing left is to decorate. Be sure to look at our post about preparing your house for Fall, so your house and yard are cleaned and ready. Look for festive lights, leaves, pumpkins, and other decorations at the hobby store. Focus on areas where people will be, like entry ways, and main living spaces. The front door is a great place for pumpkins, lights, and leaves. Place candles around the house for color and scent.  Use the fall leaves around the fireplace, if you have one, or around door arches.

Once your family arrives, you’ll need to adjust the heat in your house for a lot of people and the cooking in the kitchen. That will mean dropping it a couple degrees. You wouldn’t want everyone to be hot and sweaty in your new home!

Finally, enjoy Thanksgiving! This is a special time of year when we can focus on family, beautiful Fall weather, and the approaching Christmas holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at SOS Property Solutions!


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