Fast and Easy Tips for Cleaning Your House!

Fast and Easy Tips for Cleaning Your House!

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clean your houseCleaning your house can be a struggle. Even everyday things can back up if you don’t keep up with them. We all want to live in a clean house, but you don’t find a lot of people who love to clean.  If you are preparing to sell you house, it can be even more of a challenge, since you need to get your house ready for potential buyers.  So, here are some fast and easy ways to clean the tough items in your house.

Stains and Smells

One of the worst things in your house is a stain or a smell you can’t get rid of. Maybe you have pet urine. Maybe someone spilled wine on your carpet. A great way to eliminate stains and smells is hydrogen peroxide.  You need the strong stuff from a beauty supply store. Look for the clear, 40% peroxide used for bleaching hair. Put on protective gloves, like dish washing gloves, pour the peroxide into a spray bottle, and liberally spray the stained area.  Depending on what you are treating, you may want to do a test spot first for colorfastness. The peroxide will dramatically lighten or eliminate the stain. It will also eliminate any odors. Sometimes, you have to treat an area a couple times, if it’s old. This also works really well for odors and stains around your toilet!

Hard Water Stains and General Cleaning

You can tackle many regular household cleaning items with white vinegar. Since it’s an acid, it works on hard water stains. Just spray it on, let is sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and wipe off. If you have faucets or shower nozzles that have slowed down because of lime build up, put vinegar in a Ziploc bag, wrap it around the faucet or nozzle so it is submerged, then use a rubber band to hold it on. Let it soak for 12 hours. Vinegar is perfect for cleaning windows and mirrors. Use a paper towel and straight vinegar. You can also mix 1 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water for a household cleaner. Use it in the bathroom, kitchen, and on any hard surface.

Grout Cleaning

Grout is definitely a pain to clean. Try mixing Dawn, peroxide, and baking soda to make a wet paste. Use a toothbrush to scrub it into the grout. Let it sit for ten minutes, then rinse. It will look like new!

The Magic Eraser is Magic!

This isn’t a product endorsement. It is just a suggestion of something that will make your life easier. Use it on oven glass, stove tops, dirty refrigerator doors, and even walls. It works well on faucets to make them clean and shiny again. Some things require a little scrubbing but not much effort. That’s what makes it so great!

Your Work is Done!

With these tough items cleaned in your house with these fast and easy tips, the rest of your household cleaning will be less of a chore. Vacuuming and dusting will feel like less of a task when the really difficult things are out of the way!




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