How to Paint Your Home Like an Interior Designer

How to Paint Your Home Like an Interior Designer

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interior designer tricks for paintingAlmost everyone in America has been to a Lowes or Home Depot and seen the racks of paint chips, paint cans, brushes, rollers, sprayers, tape, drop clothes, ACK! It’s a lot to take in. But before you can deal with all the supplies, tips, and tricks on painting, you have to figure out what colors you are going to use. Easier said than done? This article will help you paint your home like an interior designer!

Before you leave for the store!

Most of us think the first step is picking color at the store. But, before you head out the door, you have some decisions to make and some prep work. First, you’ll want to take some photos of your room with your cell phone in bright enough light that you can see the objects and colors in your room. Assuming you are redecorating your room, you will want the colors you choose to coordinate with your furniture, fixtures, window treatments, and floor.

Next, what is the purpose of the room? Do you sleep in it? Watch TV? Is it your kitchen? That answer determines the colors you choose because you will want relaxing colors for bedrooms and dens. Vibrant colors can go it high activity rooms, like bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. But, you will want to decide if you like calming rooms, excitement, cool, or exotic.

How about light? What is the source of light throughout the day? Which walls get light? Walls that stay dark should get lighter colors of paint. Well lit walls can handle darker colors. What is the light source at night? If the room stays dim most of the time, you will want to go with lighter shades. Is the room tall or short? Darker colors will lower the room visually. Lighter colors open it up. If you have low ceilings, stick to lighter colors. Really high ceilings benefit from darker colors to make the room feel less vast.

All of this prep work should help you have some colors in mind. Go online to get an idea of what colors fit your ideas. Finally, don’t be afraid to use different colors or shades of the same color on different walls. It should also be thrown in here that the days of painting everything tan and brown are long gone. Get some color in your life!

Off to the store!

Now you are ready to pick paint chips. Seeing them now shouldn’t be quite so overwhelming. Pick a lot of chips! If you think you might like it, get it. This is the time to pick everything you think might fit in your plan. But, by this point, you should also know that bright orange is not going to fit in your relaxing, spa bathroom. Dark green is not going to coordinate with your teal furniture.

Chip review

Once you have your paint chips, it is time to see how those colors work in your room. Hold them up against your walls, furniture, curtains, and your own skin. Do you look hideous beside that color? Throw it out. You will also want to check the paint chips in the room with night lighting and at various points of the day, so you know it will look good with morning light, afternoon light, and in the evening with a lamp on. Keep in mind when you hold the paint chip against the existing paint on the wall, it will skew your view of the chip!

You should end up with only three or four at this point, so all that is left is picking your favorite! Next time, how to paint like a pro!

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