Inexpensive Ways to Fix Your House to Sell!

Inexpensive Ways to Fix Your House to Sell!

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Inexpensive ways to fix your houseDon’t make it a money pit!

You want to sell your house, but you don’t want to put a lot of money into it. That’s a problem many home sellers have faced. Maybe you’ve already put money into it, and it feels like a money pit. You might just want to get out but don’t want to sell for way less than you want. Or you could just be looking for ways to maximize your investment.

Easy fixes

Paint is your number one cheap friend when it comes to making your house look fresh for the market. You will want to do a little research on what colors to use. Beige used to be king, but now gray tones have taken over the market. Stay away from bright, wild colors throughout the house. If your kid’s room is bright pink, paint over it. Old, dingy yellow walls? Paint them.  You are going for a neutral palette. You also don’t want white, which just looks industrial, unless you have the kind of modern house where it fits. You don’t want to hire someone to paint. That’s expensive. You can learn to do it yourself by watching tutorials on YouTube or taking a free class at Home Depot or Lowes.

If you have cabinets that have seen better days, consider painting those too. They are a little tricky, but it will pay off when a little paint updates your kitchen from 1974 to the 21st Century!

Along with painting, you should patch any cracks or holes you have in your walls and ceiling. Of course, do that before you paint! That means you will also need to take down all those pictures on the wall, which is a cheap fix too! Fill in those nail holes. Not sure how to patch cracks? YouTube will show you this too! All you’ll need is spackle, a spackle knife, and a little sandpaper.

If you have old drapes, window treatments, and blinds, get rid of those. They make your house look old. If you have to replace blinds, look for cheap options at the store. You don’t need to buy oak blinds!

Finally, rent a floor cleaner and a carpet cleaner and clean all your hard floors, carpets, and rugs.  Home Depot and Lowes rent them, and even grocery stores will rent them. Replacing carpet can be expensive, but if you have to and can afford it, look for a cheap, neutral color option with free installation. Most of the time, though, you can get by with cleaning the heck out of your existing floors. You want clean and a pleasant smell!

More expensive things

If you have old light fixtures and faucets, you may be able to replace those for not too much money. Stores will often have a discount rack where you can find cheap options. Also look for Habitat for Humanity stores in your area. They sell inexpensive items for your home. If you have to go with retail, avoid the bottom of the ladder choices, since they usually look cheap and plastic. Move up one level, and you can find options that are inexpensive but look good. Again, go to YouTube for installation instructions. Once you hire someone, your price goes way up!

Really expensive things

You may hear that you need to replace your roof, update all your appliances, install new windows, and landscape your yard. While that may be true, the cost is high! If you have the money for it, great! But if you are trying to sell your house and only spend a little money, it won’t be worth it.

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