Time to Downsize!

Time to Downsize!

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Downsize your house, downsize your lifeWhat does downsizing mean?

Downsizing used to be a label only applied to empty nesters who were entering retirement. With the kids gone, they didn’t need such a large house anymore, so they moved into condos or retirement villages. Now, younger people are realizing they don’t need 4000 square foot homes. So, they are selling and moving into downtown lofts, small homes, or even RVs!

Reasons for downsizing vary. It can be that upkeep gets to be too much on a large home. Personal property taxes are going up all over the country, so the tax bill on those big homes have skyrocketed. Many people have noticed they only live in one to two rooms in their houses, so the extra six to eight rooms is unnecessary. Whatever the reason, everyone is left with the same task: how to unload all that stuff!

How to get rid of things

A recent study said that the average home has over 300,000 items in it! Shocking! Small homes won’t need most of what you have in your large home, so you’ll need some good ways to say goodbye to most of it.

First, determine what things you won’t need in your life. This is better done in a room by room or closet by closet method. You may even have to do it drawer by drawer. You aren’t tackling everything at once, just the space you have picked.

Create one pile is for things you can’t live without. Make another for things to get rid of. Once you have that done, divide the get-rid-of pile into items you can sell and items to donate. Then, divide donation items into items someone might want, and who are you kidding, this is trash (no one is going to wear that ratty shirt from 1994).

Next, dump the trash items. Easy! Take a photo or make a log of the items you are donating. You can typically get a tax deduction for items of good quality that you donate to a charity. Finally, list the items you want to sell on Ebay, letgo, or another site where you can easily sell them. Then, move on to the next room, closet, or box.

The more you do this, the easier it becomes. At first, it feels like an episode of Hoarders, where you have to ponder every item.  You’ll make excuses like you could fix it, or you might throw a party where the Queen shows up! A good rule of thumb is, if it has been packed up somewhere, and you haven’t used it or thought about it for a year, it can go.

Once you’ve made your way through your house, it’s time to reassess your can’t live without pile. With all the experience of unloading stuff you have now, you’ll be surprised at how much of that group you will dump. Remember, you are moving into a smaller space! You don’t want it junked up with unnecessary things.

What’s left?

Eventually, you’ll be left with your big empty house, the last thing to unload. By this stage, you might want to be done quickly, so you’ll find a cash buyer like www.sospropertysolutionsllc.com to sell your house fast.  Or, you’ll go the traditional route, and list with a realtor. Either way, you will be on your way to the downsized lifestyle. Congratulations!

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